Dates Events
11-12 April 2018

22nd Annual Reinsurance Conference

Members of the Marine Team will be visiting Moscow in April to attend the 2018 Annual Reinsurance Conference.


14-17 May 2018

RMS Exceedance Conference

Representatives of the AHJ Modelling & Analytics team will be ttending the RSM Exceedance Conference which will be taking place in Miami, Florida.

3-5 June 2018

38th Annual Caribbean Insurance Conference

The 2018 Annual Caribbean Insurance Conference will be taking place in Montego Bay in June. Members of AHJ's Non-Marine International and Marine teams will be in attendance.


8-13 September

Rendez-Vous de Septembre

The AHJ Specialty and Non-Marine International teams will be attending the 2018 Rendez-Vous de Septembre in Monte Carlo this September.

23-26 September 2018

123rd NAMIC Annual Convention 2018:

This year's Annual NAMIC Convention will be taking place in San Antonio, Texas. Members of the AHJ North American Treaty Team will be attending the event in September. 

23-26 September 2018

WSIA 2018 Annual Marketplace

Members of the Marine Cargo team will be attending the WSIA 2018 Annual Marketplace which will be taking place in Atlanta, Gerogia this September.


28-30 October 2018

PCI Annual Meeting:

AHJ will be attending the PCI Annual Conference in October. The North American Treaty team will be visiting Miami, Florida for the PCI Annual Conference 2018.

1-3 October 2018

2018 Nordic Reinsurance Days

The AHJ Nordic Team will be attending the 2018 Nordic Reinsurance Days in Copenhagen in October.

21-25 October 2018


Baden Baden Reinsurance Meeting 2018:

AHJ will be attending Baden Baden in October.  Our International, Marine and Specialty teams will be present to discuss renewals with clients, potential clients and reinsurers over the course of the conference.


November 2018

RUMI Conference

The Marine team will be attending the RUMI Conference in Moscow later in the year.